Rush Family

Zusle "Dutch" and Tellie Rush in front of their home ca. 1970

The Rush family lived in a large Texas style house northwest of Burke. Zusle (Dutch) Rush (1884-1978) married Tellie Arrington (1889), daughter of Burke pioneer Arthur Arrington, and they had the following children:

The Rushes lived in Angelina County in 1910-1930.

Allen Rush

Zusle's parents were Allen Rush (1856) and Ella Renfro Rush (1864). Ella was the daughter of Isaac Renfro, an early settler at Renfro prairie and sister of Lucy Treadwell. Allen died when Zusle was only about two years old, and Ella married Andrew J. Vinson. In the 1900 census Zusle and sister Addie are shown as "step-son" and"step-daughter" of Andrew Vinson.

Thomas B. Rush

Allen's parents, Thomas B. and Carolina A. Rush , arrived in Texas from Alabama between 1848 and 1850. About 1855 Thomas Rush died. In 1860 Carolina A. Rush (1813) headed a household in Angelina County with the following children:

In 1870 Allen was living with the family of Laura McAnelly at Homer. His brother Charles and wife lived with the Manning family next door.

According to Alabama land records, Thomas B. Rush purchased land through the Cahaba land office in 1837 and 1843.


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