Fun and Celebrations

Baseball Team

In the 1930's Burke had a community baseball team that played other community teams in the area.

Pie Suppers

Pie suppers usually occurred at churches. The unmarried girls would bake a pie, and the unmarried boys would bid on them with the highest bidder getting the pie and the chance to share it with the girl.


Burke's being in the South with lingering memories of the Civil War, the Fourth of July was observed but not celebrated as in the North.

The big holiday of the year was Christmas. At least in the webmaster's family, Christmas was the only occasion that gifts were regularly exchanged, and usually only one give was received from Santa. The webmaster's parents told of receiving only an orange or apple some Christmases. In the Murrah family we purchased firecrackers and shot them off on Christmas Eve rather than the Fourth of July or New Year's Eve.

The centerpiece of Christmas dinner was chicken and dressing. The webmaster's grandmother, Florence Johnson, prepare a large oval pan of dressing with pieces of chicken protruding from the dressing. At least in the Murrah family turkey did not come along until later.


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