Other Businesses

McCarty / Holder Grocery

A McCarty opened a grocery store on the corner of Texas 35 adjacent Ina McCall's home in what later became the Post Office substation. Earlier it had been Dr. Johnston's dental office. He sold it to Drew Holder who ran it until me purchased Campbell's store on Highway 59.

Bell's Grocery and Washateria

In the 1960's J. L and Verna Mae Bell operated a small grocery and washateria on the west side U. S. 59 on the southern end of town.

Stuckey's Pecan Shoppe

In the late 1960s Stuckey's opened a store just south of Burke. The link shows photograph of the store showing Highway 59 looking north. Central Burke is just around the curve of the highway shown in the photograph.

Caton's Treasures, Trinkets and Trash

In the late 1950's former radio disk jockey named Pat Caton started selling items imported from Mexico from his panel truck on the east side of Highway 59 just north of FM 2108 (Airport Road). He was so successful that he acquired property in the area and built a home and a store building. Caton sold all sorts of imported items, tourist baubles, and oddities. His sign promised "treasures, trinkets and trash", and he delivered what he promised. He later expanded his domain to include faux western storefronts.


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