Other Churches

Burke Cambpellite Church

According to Arzy Johnson Squyres there was a Cambellite Church (now known as Church of Christ) located where the Burke Baptist Church is now located.

The Church By Christ Jesus

This small Pentecostal church was located on FM 2108 on the eastern edge of the Buree region near the home of Billy McClendon. The McClendons were members of the Church.

The church as known for its hearty congregational singing. The author's family lived for a time less that a quarter mile from the church, and on revival evenings their singing could be easily hear at our house. One night my father, Elroy Murrah, remarked that they were really "raising the roof" that night with their singing. A few days later the author blurted out to a church member that "My Daddy said you were really raising the roof the other night." My Dad was acutely embarrassed, but I do not recall any punishment for the indiscretion.

Vacation Bible School

Both the Burke Baptist and Methodist churches had Vacation Bible School each summer.