Thigpen Family

Hillery and Flossie Thigpen lived just south of Burke School on the Ryan Chapel Road. Hillery was a farmer who engaged in raising hogs and raising and selling hay. Flossie, who was the daughter of Zusle (Dutch) and Tellie Rush, was a school teacher at Burke School before she married Hillery. Hillery and Flossie had several children including Joe Bob, Bonnie Nell (who married John Earnest Franklin), Melba, and another daughter.

Hillery Thigpen tending his hogs.

Sidney L. Thigpen

Hillery's parents were Sidney L. and Josie (or Josephine C.) Chapman Thigpen. Sidney was born in Alabama about 1869, and Josie in Texas about 1877. They had the following chidren:

Allen Thigpen

Sidney Thigpen was the son of Allen and Eliza M. Allen Thigpen who lived Greensboro in Hale Co., Alabama in 1880. Allen was born in 1828 of parents from North Carolina. Eliza was born in Alabama in 1837. They had the following children:

Joseph J. Thigpen

Allen Thigpen was the son of Joseph J. and Millicent (Millie) Duval Thigpen. Millie, an apparent widow, lived at Polecat in Perry Co., Alabama in 1850. She was born in 1795 in North Carolina. She lived in the home of son Alfred Thigpen in 1860. They had the following children:

Joseph J. Thigpen was the son of Joseph Joshua Thigpen and Susannah Bullock. They were married in Dobbs (now Greene) Co.,North Carolina. Joseph at age 76 was awarded a pension in 1833 for service as a private in the North Carolina Militia in the Revolutionary War.

Joseph's parents were John and Ann Savage Thigpen.

The Thigpens ultimately trace their lineage to the Fitzpen and Phippen families of Shannon, Ireland. Some branches of the family have been traced back tothe 1200s and earlier.


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