McKinney Family

Matt McKinney

William M. (Matt) (1890-1964) and Felicia (Flissie) McCarty (1893-1963) McKinney lived on the south end of Burke on the street behind the railroad track. According to Tom McKinney, Matt grew up near Lufkin and met Flissie when working on a job at Burke. In 1920 Matt and Flissie lived near Lufkin, but by 1930 they had settled at Burke where they lived the rest of their lives. Matt worked as a carpenter bilding houses.

William and Felicia had the following children:

Tom Benjamin and Louise McKinney lived north of Matt and Flissie on the same street. They had one daughter Suzanne. Owen and Marie Lewis lived on a farm on U. S. 59 in northern Polk County where Owen raised cattle.

Thomas Wright McKinney

Matt was a son of Thomas Wright and Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Berry McKinney. They had the following children:

James McKinney, Jr.

Tom was a son of James McKinney, Jr. and Rhoda Brookshire. Rhoda was a daughter of Manny Brookshire, patriarch of the Lufkin family that founded the Brookshire Brothers grocery chain.


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