Tidwell Family

Alf (Snuffy) Tidwell was well-known in Burke for his political activities and his support of youth baseball. He worked as a carpenter. He was at one time a candidate for County Commissioner from the Burke area. He was married to Ruth McKinney, daughter of Matt and Flissie McKinney. They had one son William Leon. It is the recollection of the author that Alf was born in southeast Texas where he played high school football.

Judson Tidwell

Alf's parents were Judson (1882) and Sallie (1885) TIdwell,. Juson as a native of Tennessee. Mrs. Tidwell was deceased by 1930. The Tidwell family comprised:

Judson Tidwell does not appear in the Texas census from 1900-1910. However, a Judson Tidwell, born 1881, was a boarder in the household of a Richardson family in Dickson County, Tennessee in 1900. The Richardsons had a son named Alfred who was 10 years older than Judson. The Richardsons lived adjacent the Frank F. and Magdalene Tidwell family. One of their children was named Allie. This is probably Judson Tidwell before he came to Texas. In 1920 the Tidwells lived in Hardin County, but by 1930 they lived at Burke.


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