Kellow Family

Robert Earl Kellow opened a pioneering garage in Burke that was later purchased by Robert Weisinger. For an unknown period after 1910, Kellow worked at a lumber mill as a laborer and opened a blacksmith shop some time before 1920. The blacksmith shop must have evolved into an auto repair shop after when automobiles started traveling through Burke on the Houston Road.

Robert Kellow

The Kellows came to Angelina County from Montgomery County where Alabama native Robert Kellow (b. 1853) lived in 1900 with his second wife Ora. Robert and his first wife, whose name is not known, had the following chidren:

Robert Kellow and his second wife Ora had the following children:

Robert Earl Kellow

Earl's wife Maud Rhoda Arrington, daughter of William Larkin Arrington. was born about 1886 in Texas. Earl and Maud Arrington Kellow had the following children:

Earl's son, Paul, operated automotive repair shop on U. S. 69 near Two Point in Lufkin in the 1960s.

By 1930 Earl Kellow had returned to farming, and Robert Weisinger is shown as a "salesman" at a "gasoline station". Presumably this refers to the station he purchased from Kellow.

Earl Kellow eventually moved to Cleveland, Texas where he operated a garage adjacent his home until his deat in the early 1950s.


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