Curry Family

Duncan Curry

The Currys probably descend from Duncan Curry, who was born in North Carolina about 1809, probably Richmond County. A Duncan Curry and his father Duncan Curry are in Richmond County, North Carolina. Duncan lived in Alabama in 1851 where he probably met and married wife Sarah (1815 Alabama) and where his son William was born in 1851. By 1859 the Curry family had moved to Rapides Parrish, Louisiana where they resided in 1860. Some time after 1865 the family moved to Polk County, Texas where the lived in 1870.

Duncan and Sarah A. Curry had the following children:

By 1880 Sarah, Martin and Malcom had moved to Angelina County where they were living with their cousin William Hopper in Angelina County. It is unknown what happened to Duncan and Sarah.

Duncan was probably a brother of Daniel M. Curry, who lived next door in 1860 in Rapides Parrish, Louisiana.

Malcom Henry Curry

Malcom Henry Curry married Ezell McCall, daughter of Thomas D. and Sarah A. Thomas McCall.

They had the following children:

By 1910 Malcom was married to a woman named Cora, probably indicating that Ezell had died some time after 1900.

Malcom Curry lived until after 1930, when he was living with his son-in-law Dr. G. B. Woods and daughter Agnes.

Dr. Benjamin Franklin Curry

Dr. Benjamin Franklin Curry was a physician practicing at Burke in the 1910s. He was a graduate of the Univesity of Texas Medical School at Galveston. Unfortunately we contracted meningitis and died before 1920.


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