Bell Family

The Bells descend from George W. and Amanda Bell of Worth County, Georgia.

George W. Bell

George W. Bell was born in 1855 in Georgia, and his wife Amanda G. was born in 1850 also in Georgia. In 1880 the Bells lived in Worth County, Georgia. By 1900 George was apparently deceased, and Amanda lived in Lee County, Texas with her two children:

Both Louis and William were born in Georgia.

Louis Bell

By 1910 Louis was married to Lonnie (1887), and the lived in Trinity County, but they were in Coryell County, Texas in 1920. They had the following children:

Married to Lonnie in 1910

Conner Bell

Conner Bell moved to Burke by 1930, and he married Lizzie (1904). They had the following children:

J. L. and Verna Mae Bell ran a store and washateria in the 1960s on Highway 59, and J. L. served as mayor of Burke.


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