Burke School Teachers

John Copeland

Other teachers in the late 30's and 40's included J. E. Travis and Emmett Samford.

Teachers in 1900 Census in Burke area

It is not clear that all were actually teaching at the time or that they taught at Burke School.

Teachers in the 1950's

Burke teachers in 1960. (front to back in he photo to the right) J. E. (Jim) Travis, 6th grade and math; Abby Travis, 3rd grade and language; Tennie Havard, 1st and 2nd grades; Nell Walker, 4th and 5th grades; Alton P. Hart, principal and 7th and 8th grades. The principal before Mr. Hart was Alma Fairchild. Jim Travis became principal the year after this picture was taken. At that time Mrs. Travis took over 6th grade, and Miss Cindy Mattox became 3rd grade teacher.

Abbie Travis was a very influential teacher who introduced the grammar to the kids. Her lessons in sentence outlining were invaluable.

Nell Walker was a sophisticated woman from Lufkin who taught the country students a taste of life beyond the dirt roads and farms. She taught the kids a few phrases in French. She also sponsored the 4th and 5th grade club that taught students the rudiments of conducting a meeting. At the time the webmaster's family did not have a home telephone; and when he travelled to Lufkin with his partent on Saturdays to shop, he would call Mrs. Walker from the pay telephone at Safeway. She graciously spoke as long as he wanted.

J. E. (Jim) Travis specialized in math.

Abby Travis caught with a
carton of milk in 1960. The girl
behind her may be Faye Rose.
Her words to the author directly
after the photo were "Oh, Mac!"

Every day two ladies, Wilma Kaiser and Katherine Lee, from the community would come to the school and cook a hot lunch. We did not think very highly of the meals at the time, but in retrospect they were wonderful.















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