Whitehead Family

The Whiteheads came to Texas from Mississippi, probably after the Civil War, and originally settled in Rusk County. They came to Burke some time after 1910.

Henry T. Whitehead

Henry T. Whitehead (1853) was born in Mississippi. A Henry T. Whitehead, son of Jno C. and Margret Whitehead, of the right age, was in the 1860 census for Nehsoba County, Mississippi, but it is not certain that this is the same person. Henry married Mattie V. , born Arkansas in 1860,and they had the following children:

Henry's brother W. D. (1861) resided with him in 1880 in Rusk County.

John J. Whitehead

Henry's son John J. Whitehead and wife Anna Bertha (1885), who were both born in Texas, resided in Rusk County until after 1910 when they moved to the Burke area where they were located in 1920 and 1930. They lived east of the area that later became Angelina County Airport near the Burrous and Newberry families.

John J. Whitehead and Anna Bertha Whitehead (1885) children:

Grady Whitehead

Grady Whitehead lived near Fairview and was known far and wide as a syrup maker. Local legend says that Grady also distilled a little white lightning in his day and spent some time contemplating the errors of his ways courtesy of Uncle Sam.


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