Waltman Family

Walt Waltman family.

The Waltmans descent from Isaac and Ellender (Ellen) Waltman of Lawrence County, Mississippi.

Isaac Waltman

Isaac Waltman was born in 1816 in Louisiana, and Ellender in 1822 in Mississippi. In 1850 the family resided in Lawrence Co., Mississippi, but by 1860 they were at Woodville in Tyler County, Texas, where they remained through 1870.

By 1880 Isaac and Ellen were living at Pine Valley. By 1900 they appear to have died, but Will and his wife Emma M.(1861) were still living at Pine Valley.. Will was a farmer and Emily a "dairywoman."

Isaac and Ellender had the following children:

The children's names are confusing on the census schedules, and the foregoing list may have duplications or omissions..

Will Waltman

William E. (Will) Waltman was born in Tyler Co., Texas in 1861 but moved to Angelina County with his family in the 1870s. He married Emily, and they had the following children:

Lee and Walt Waltman

By 1910 the Waltmans had moved to Burke. By 1920 both Lee and Walt were retail merchants at Burke.

In 1920 Lee Waltman and his wife Myrtle (1903) had a son James (1918) and lived on the Diboll Highway. Myrtle later operated a washateria at Diboll in th e1960s. Walt and his wife Icie lived next door to Lee. They had sons Cleveland (1915) and Allen 1916).


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