Stovall Family

Rev. David M. Stovall, Sr.

David McGowan "Dave" Stovall (1828- ) was Rhodes postmaster in 1886, the last before the name of the town was changed to Burke. He was a Methodist minister and probably came to Burke to pastor a church, perhaps what grew into Burke Methodist Church.

He was born in Franklin County, Tennessee in 1828, the son of George Henry Stovall (1794-1847) and Malinda Mira Wofford (1798-1815). George was born in Wilkes County, Georgia and died at San Augustine, Texas, where the family had settled about 1836. Malinda died at Alto, Cherokee County, Texas.

David lived in Jasper County, Texas in 1860 and in Cherokee Couny, Texas in 1870 with his wife Octavia R. Bryan Stovall (1837- ), born at Callahan, Texas, and Wood County, Texas in 1880 by which time he was a widower. In 1900 and 1910 he and second wife Sallie P. McCallister Stovall (1846- ) still lived at Burke. He died at Tyler, Smith County, Texas, in 1912. Sallie died at San Augustine, Texas in 1915.

David and his first wive Octavia had the following children:

David and his second wife Sallie had the following children:

Sims Kelly Stovall

David's younger brother, Sims Kelly Stovall, resided with David at Burke in 1910 and died there in 1912.

David M. Stovall, Jr.

David M., Jr., lived at Burke from his birth until at least 1920. He and wife Jettie (1892- ) had the following children:

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