McMickle Family

Homer Virgil McMickle (1845-1920) was Rhodes postmaster 1884-5, and William D. McMickle was postmaster 1885-6.

Homer V. McMickle

Homer McMickle was a son of William McMickle (1806- ), who lived along with his wife Susan (1814- ) and family in Monroe County, Georgia in 1850. William was a native of North Carolina and Susan Daniel McMickle of Georgia. They had the following children:

He was said to be a brother of Martha L. McMickle Herrington.

Homer was born at Forsythe, Monroe Co., Georgia where he lived with his parents in in 1850. He reportedly later lived in Jasper Co., Mississippi where served in the Civil War. In 1870 he was a grocer in Scott Co., Mississippi.

He married Adelaid B. Platt, and they had the following children:

In 1910 Homer was married to Celestine E (1861- )

He was postmaster at Rhodes in 1884-5 and still lived at Burke in 1900 but had moved elsewhere in Angelina County by 1910. He served as postmaster in Tyler as well as Rhodes. He died at Lufkin in 1920.

William D. McMickle

William D. McMickle was born in Mississippi in 1860, the son of Homer's brother, Egbert P. McMickle. E. P. McMickle, wife M. J., and son W. D. lived in Jasper County, Mississippi in 1860 and 1870. In 1860 Egbert's wife was M. J., probably Mary Jane, but in 1870 his wife was Elvira S. (1848- ). Egbert's children were as follows:

Based on ages, it is likely that William and Mary belonged to M. J. while Abby and perhaps Anne belonged to Elvira.


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