Miss Ina McCall

Miss Ina was probably Burke's most beloved citizen. She served as Burke's postmaster for many years and lived in probably the largest house in Burke on Old Texas 35 near the middle of town. She was a tiny woman, who dressed in dark clothing.

She was a grandaughter of Daniel McCall, one of the early settlers in the Burke area and served for many years as postmaster, succeeding her father, Daniel B. McCall, in that position. By 1920 at age 32 she was already postmaster. Her father co-owned the Burke and McCall Store with Arthur L. Burke . In 1920 Daniel McCall also served as the railroad agent at Burke

According to Joe Allen Ryan:

She was a benevolent soul. If she knew you she extended credit to anyone who asked. She knew every one in the community, their children, their names and who their parents were. Her merchandise was limited If a school child for any reason did not have a lunch that person could always go the for eats, at least for rat trap cheese and crackers and maybe a slice of dried apple. We were not permitted to leave the school grounds except for that reason. I know from experience. To my knowledge no one was asked to pay.

This woman was friendly, kind , forever with a smile on her face, and I think she deserves honorable mention among the outstanding citizens of Burke, Tx.

The author and his family had many connections to Miss Ina and her family. The Johnsons and McCalls apparently knew each other in Clarke County, Mississippi and came to Angelina County together or about the same time. The authorr's mother, Ina Gertrude Johnson, was named for Miss Ina. Later the webmaster and his parents lived on a farm northwest of Burke that was owned by Miss Ina. The author spent many afternoon's hanging around the old post office waiting for the school bus to return from Diboll and had many opportunies to talk to her. She was always friendly and was always happy to talk to the school children.


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