Dr. James P. Dubose

Dr. Dubose was born in Texas in 1869. He moved to Burke after 1900 and practiced medicine at Burke about 1910.

According to Wesley Ashworth, he was "rough as a cob and gave terrible tasting medicine." Dr. Dubose set a broken arm for Wesley's sister. When her father pointed out that he was setting the arm crooked, Dr.Dubose replied, "Just who is the doctor? You or me?" Her arm was never straight after he set it. Ashworth said that Dr. Dubose "hit the bottle pretty hard."

Dr. Dubose and his wife Mary E. (Mollie) had the following children: Luther (1888); John N. (1890) and Elizabeth (Lizzie) J. (1899).

By 1920 Dr. Dubose and family had moved to Milam County, Texas.


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